Getting error :BC30512 "Activity valid inside the 'Use Excel File Scope'"

I am learning to get data from email and save it in Excel sheet. I am using UI Path Academy course RPA Development, I am facing following problem while creating activity. I am using UI Path Studio

  1. as I am selecting Read Range from Excel, Activity panel showing Argument Range :BC30512 “Activity valid inside the ‘Use Excel File Scope’” while i can in video there is no such error showed. if I am following exactly same procedure as shown in video.
  2. Also i can see in video there is no Validation error while I am getting Validation error as well.


In video may be they are using Read range Workbook…try using it

Read range needs to be included in Use Excel Activity…this also will work


Hi @Deepak_Raul1

If you are using Excel activities Read Range activity must be in Use Excel File activity.

If you are using Workbook activities you can directly take Read Range Workbook activity.


I hope it helps!!

Hi @Deepak_Raul1

Just remember these things it was very helpful.

If you want to use the Excel activities you have to use those activities inside Use Excel file activity only. Use Excel file activity is the scope. Read range activity is used to read the excel and store the data in to datatable.

In video they show about the read range workbook this is the workbook we can also read the excel and store in datatable. But this is workbook activity. We can use this activity with out any scope.

In your case, you are using read range activity it is the excel activity then you have to place it inside the Use Excel file activity. Drag and drop the use Excel file activity and place the read range activity inside.

Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!