Getting error as length cannot be zero in the read range activity in excel, can anyone please help


I am getting error as length cannot be less than zero and parameter Length in the read range activity using workbook activity in uipath, but when i changed the file chosen the error disappeared.

Can anyone let me know why i was getting that error.

@ranshikasrivastava99 Can you maybe post the Error Screenshot and let us know what are the differences between the two files you have chosen ?

Hi @supermanPunch Thanks for the response.


Does the range contain a DT in a proper format with/without headers? Can you post a screenshot, if possible?

@monsieurrahul Thanks for the response ,PFA

properties pane

@monsieurrahul @supermanPunch Can you help me out with this.

Can you please share a screenshot of your Excel? Possibly the data in the range A2:D6?