Getting empty outpu after running fuzzmatch

Hi, everyone
Am facing empty output in the fuzzy match, before I used to run this I got expected output but today its showing empty output, and excel is running in the loops continuously until stopping the execution.

This is my xml file please can anyone check and give me the solution. (18.3 KB)

Hi @DivyaT,

Are you trying to match the value written in the first sheet from the second sheet?

Hi @DivyaT,

What are you trying to achieve from the invoke code?

Am trying to compare string and getting closest string output

HI @DivyaT

Please find the updated workflow in attachment.

Main.xaml (12.8 KB)

Thanks for the reply,I have used if condition before entering to 2nd loop,its working fine.I have checked your code its also working fine,thanks a lot.