Getting delay while opening Word application

Hi All,

I have one query regarding one activity “Use Application/Browser”. I am using the same activity to open word doc and perform few actions like click and get text but the same activity is taking too much time(around 30 sec) to get open any word doc.
Is there any way to reduce the time or it is normal for this activity?

Did you try ‘Word’ activities from package UiPath.Word.Activities ?
Maybe it will be works faster then ‘use application scope’ :slight_smile:

I have to use click option after opening word doc so that activity will not work in my case.

Ok. So which activity take longer that 30 seconds ?
When I opening Word app it’s doing immediately.

Yeah there should be no issue. try to check if you have given any delay.


Default wait time for conditional wait is 30 seconds. we cannot decrease it may effect the flow. bot check for the ui element and waits for element to load. in your case you are using word document right. May be you can try with the different option for the property Wait For ready.

Try with None, Interactive and let us know if you could see some speed for the click activity. thanks. Please refer the below screenshot.

I am using “Use Application/Browser” activity to open word doc.


Please find below screenshot for available properties in “Use Application/Browser” activity.


No i am talking about the click activity. i got to know form your post that you are using click activity to click something right. in the click activity you could find the option i suggested. thanks.