Getting datarow variable values


I’m trying to make the following assignments:

out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem(“WI5”).ToString

When examining closer, here the value of out_TransactionItem:


I get the following exception:

Column “WI5” does not belong to table.

It gives you error because WI5 isn’t a column name, you need to put the column name(If this is from ACME System 1 platform, the column name is “Type”) or row index to get the data from the column you want.

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Hi, you can access the values like this:
out_TransactionItem(0) where 0 is the index of the columns…

Mention like this
out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem(3).ToString

If out_TransactionItem is a Datarow variable
And 3 is the index position where WIID values is there

Cheers @michaelamay0