Getting data from the Get Text

I cant put the data in the excel file from the Get Text :frowning:

Im using the ReFramework.

Can you show your Add data row parameters.

Hello @Shikhar_Tandon

strBundle is my value in the Get Text too :slight_smile:

Hi @prititit is the datatype of strbundle is string or generic value?


Its in Generic Value.

Should this be in String format?

Ya just try with strbundle.ToString and let me know

Hi @prititit did it worked?


It didnt work :frowning:

Hi @prititit did u check whether u are getting output from strBundle variable using write line or message box

I think its only updating in E2?


Hi @prititit since u had provided write range from E2 that may be the reason

Why can’t u try with this Assign activitiy

row(“BUNDLEID”) = strBundle

And then write the updated datatable using write range with starting cell as A1

I don’t know why this is not working?


Hi I think u had reverse in assign activitiy

Do like this
row(“BUNDLEID”) = strBundle

Here we assigning the strBundle value to BUNDLEID Column

It is assign a row value like that

So there is no need of add datarow as data has been added in row already


still not working :frowning:


Can u share screenshot of workflow


I had one doubt where are u get ting values to be typed into ?

I’m getting it in my Add to Queue Items


Hi @prititit I didn’t understand ur requirements clearly can u elaborate it ?