Getting data from excel

Hi All,

I need your help.
I already made a workflow that will get details/data from excel but I have a problem.
On this case, I need to get the service ID based on the data service id inputted in the arguments.

For example.
Arguments : ABCD_TBD1 result will be ABCD_1111 (it’s already working).
but if arguments is ABCD_TBD13 result become ABCD_11113 (it only get the value of TBD1 + 3). Result should be : ABCD_6666. 6666 is equivalent data service id of TBD13.


Workflow:excel data.xaml (60.8 KB)

if the TBD number become 2 digits, result is incorrect, while TBD number is 1 digit it will get the correct service id