Getting Data from 2 Excel workbook

Hi All, how can I work on to get data from 2 Excel workbook based on conditioned to flow into an master excel template ?

Hi @Lee_Danial

Could you elaborate your requirement on


Hi Pravin, I have 2 excel files that I want to extract data and fill into a master excel sheet.
so from my in-house system, I can generate this 2 report, “Shipment Profile” & “AR Charge Code”.

Based on “Shipment Profile” report Column “P”, example “PMT BTY” column C to column W information with flow into master sheet column A to R.

Once data flow into Master Sheet, column S to column AO will be taken from report “AR Charge code”,

based on Master Sheet column B “shipment number” to flow in the data based on column “H” and fill up accordingly to master sheet column S to column AO

“Shipment Profile”

“AR Charge Code” Report

“Master Sheet”

Based on “AR Charge Code” column H, to flow in the data in column P into Master Sheet report

Hi @Lee_Danial

Seems tricky looping @Yoichi @ppr @Palaniyappan


Hi All,

is there any update ?

Hi @pravin_calvin @Yoichi is there any update on this?