Getting could not load assembly error

Hi All,

Getting the below pop up if i try to indicate any element from the activity



Hi @Boopathi

Does it happen on all project (even a blank, new one) or only in a specific one?

Hi @loginerror

I have only one project installed and did not test by creating any other test workflow. I reset the IE browser and restarted & tested running the project, it worked. Tomorrow again I need to check coz for past few days everyday it happens and gets fixed only by restarting machine or by clearing the browser.


Hi @loginerror. I apologize as earlier response was meant for some other query(uipath takes 30 seconds to identify an element).

Yes, it happens in only one project. I checked by dragging type into activity in a blank project and clicked on indicate on screen and it works.

Again went back to the project i was working and tried to indicate the element it thrown the above pop up. I need to check the root cause.