Getting "Connected Unlicensed" with Uipath Assistant for new community orchestrator(no Default folder, having only shared folder)(Confusion in machine configuration)

Hi Sweetha , How did you disable that? I am getting this notification

Hello Naveed,
Check this URL— Assistant - robot is unlicensed - #11 by Oana_Georgiana_Vasile
Thanks and Happy Automation…

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Any Update?

Hey Swetha , after disabling that checkbox , My BOT got connected and licensed. Please make sure that you are using machine key of template machine for unattended BOTs

Hi Swetha,

Bot will be connected and licensed only if you are using the correct Machine Key. Kindly use the machine key of template on which Robot license was allocated to connect to the orchestrator.

You cannot connect 2 machines to orchestrator using same Machine Key. Disconnect the other machine and then use the key in this machine.

Thankyou Naveed…

Thank you for the reply Jithin, i am able to connect now.

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