Getting Assets from Orchestrator with Integration with CyberArk

Hi Guys,

We have integrated our cloud orchestrator with CyberArk so that we store all robot credentials and other credentials used in our automation on CyberArk store as per UiPath documentation.

Having setup CyberArk, changed Robot credential store and pasted the external name, we noticed that the Robot credentials stored on CyberArk works fine and the robot is able to carry out the process, but doing the using the same setup for other credentials stored as Assets and then calling the asset in studio (using Get Credentials), it throws an error.

Also, has anyone successfully stored credentials as orchestrator Assets on CyberArk and called the asset in his/her process?, as I have not seen any documentation on this.

Thanks in anticipation. Happy Automation!.

Yes we do this all the time. In the credentials Asset we specify the name from Cyberark and it works fine. I don’t know what, if anything, had to be done on the Orchestrator or Cyberark side to make it work. I just know how to look up the info I need in Cyberark and put it into a credentials Asset.

Hi Paul,

Just to confirm, do you use a cloud based orchestrator?

No, we use on-premise.

Hi @aotijani, Thanks for started a public topic!

There are not any differences in credentials/accounts stored in CyberArk for Robot/Users or Assets, they are configured in the same way as far as CyberArk Vault/Safe and the Credential Store Plugin/Store.

A couple of questions

  • Are you using Private or Cloud Orchestrator?
  • Are you using Agent based CyberArk or Agentless (CCP)?
  • Can you describe in details without revealing sensitive information, what setup motions you went through with Orchestrator and CyberArk? (CyberArk Vault/Safe, Account Settings, Orchestrator Plug-in, Credential Store settings, are you using multiple Stores/Safes, etc.)
  • Can you provide the error that you are getting when using the Get Credentials?
  • If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend searching the forums or the CyberArk Tag to see if anyone has address similar challenges already.

We currently use CyberArk with an Agent (AAM) and have no issues with either Robot nor Asset Credentials from CyberArk. As mentioned in CyberArk CCP Configuration under credential store I did go through the starting motions of CCP but unable to fully test it due to lack of licensing/infrastructure.