Getting an error when run a process in studio

I installed community studio in a computer. And I worked well.

But I tried to install enterprise studio in the same computer. I could active the enterprise license. But if I wanted to run a process in studio. There is error “To execute processes, please active a license." I already delete the related licenses and re-install it. But It still does not work. How can solve this issue?

I also used regutil to get license info. It seemd there is an error about this license.

I am wondering i have active the license very well. Why this is an error?


Have a look at this thread if it helps,

You can also always contact UiPath Support directly for any licensing queries,

Rammohan B.

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Hi @henryzhang,
Please have a look here:

and here

Seems that something might be wrong with your license. Please contact with our Technical support

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Please try to re-install the UiPath Studio…