Getting an error when inputting color into set range color

so i have an automation where i need uipath to assign a certain color utilizing the set range color activity. It was working great, but I decided I needed to create a variable so that i could change which color would be set.

the variable type was set as genericvalue and didn’t work. I then tried setting the variable type as a documentformat.openxml color type which also didn’t work.

Now my program won’t compile and I am getting the following error where color.LightGreen is typed into the color section on the input section of the properties tab: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “color.LightGreen”. ‘LightGreen’ is not a member of ‘UIPath.Core.GenericValue’.

How do i go back to utilizing the excel colors that it should be using? I’ve deleted all the variables that I was using and its still giving me this error. Any help would be awesome!

well, I just moved the whole sequence to a new .xaml and that seemed to fix it

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