Getting an error in document understanding


I tried to use document understanding and try to digitize a document. but I keep getting this error. please check the images attached.

This could be due to various reasons, such as licensing issues, compatibility problems, or limitations imposed by your UiPath environment.

  1. Check the Licensing: Ensure that you have the necessary licensing or permissions to use the “UiPath DocumentUnderstanding Activities” package. Some features or packages may require specific licenses.

  2. Package Compatibility: Make sure that the package version you are using and is compatible with your UiPath Studio version. Sometimes, using an incompatible package version can lead to such errors.

  3. Project Settings: Check your project settings and dependencies. Verify that the package is correctly installed and referenced in your project. You might need to update, reinstall, or repair the package.

  4. Reinstall the package or degrade the package version may it helps


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As per error the package specified is added in the validation error …please remove the package from validation or simply uncheck this rule check and it would move forward

To uncheck go to project → right click-> settings → workflow analyzer → uncheck st-usg-014

Hope this helps


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Thank you so much Mr. Anil. my problem was resolved.

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