Getting an Error during Activation of the Community Edition

I had older version installation file of UiPath Studio. I uninstalled latest version of UiPath Studio Community Edition and then installed the older version. That’s it.

Thanks, But now can we download downgraded version…

Hi @Vashisht

Normally the reinstallation itself can help, nevermind the older version. In fact, the Community Edition will auto-update with the very next application restart.

What I would suggest in case of issues:

  • delete files from this folder: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath\
  • create a account and then download the latest Studio version from the Resources tab
  • run the .exe installer
  • when it asks for activation, select the option to activate via Orchestrator
  • open Robot from the Start menu
  • connect your robot to the Orchestrator instance
  • if your Robot was properly connected, it will allow you to activate your Studio

This of course assumes that you will not run into connectivity/firewall issues when connecting your Robot to Orchestrator. However, it is one more way to try to work around the issue.

Hi @loginerror,

We are working in two machines for our project. we are using enterprise edition in one machine and community edition in other machine.
Actually we are able to identify a Uielement in java based application by using enterprise edition but the same we are not able to identify by using community edition with the latest version for that purpose we want to downgrade our version.

Note- we have checked the version of Java, javabridge and IE in both the system are same.


Hi @Vashisht

One of the restrictions of the free Community Edition is that it will always auto-update to the latest version.

However, you can try downgrading the UiAutomation activity package and see if it will help in your scenario. You should also always install the latest Java plugin from the Studio Tools menu.

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If you will face this problem first connect your machine with orchestrator . Then just open studio it will work perfectly fine . .

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