Getting always error summary when there are pending jobs available

I have a trigger for 3 different processes every 5 minute. But when the processes are running in the exact minute I am getting an E-Mail with an error summary every time. The processes are going trough and are working but why is sending UiPath error summary when having pending jobs in Orchestrator?

Error Message is like this:

Default folder: #trigger WMS MUE HEL printingfilesonprinter_Trigger for #process Printingfilesonprinter_background_FCH_Server could not create any jobs. The robots already have pending jobs for this process (# 1670).

Please any advice how I can stop this for it is normal that you are having pending jobs - this is not an error.


Hi @david.mitrovic
I’m not sure if this solves your problem, but you can set in a profile (in the orchestrator top right click on the initial and then on “my profile”) which error messages you want to receive by changing the sliders.

Ddoes this help you?

Hi @MarioHerrmann
I had this idea too, but from my understanding there should not be an error log when you are having pending jobs. As example, you could also have 20 pending jobs, but they are getting executed process by process, why is UiPath sending Error Logs there? Do I think wrong? You know what I mean?

Yes, that’s what I would say and see at first glance. You sounded a bit “desperate” so I thought of a quick solution. :sweat_smile:

But yes you are right. There is already an entry for this error:

but unfortunately without a solution. I must confess that it makes no sense to me because even with the UiPath Docs
Alerts there is nothing about this kind of errors.

Sorry that I can not help there

Thanks for your answer anyway - I am trying dynamic allocation and waiting of the devs maybe someone can explain that or fix it.