Getting a value from a check box, filled in text and mapping it to a relavant item on a drop down menu UIPATH

Hi Devs i have challenge im facing below:
Problem Statement
i have attached one screen shoot for the pdf i have that contains a list of checkboxes under the section written “Package Selection” …so under this section a user ticks a particular package that they want e.g Basicare ,Private etc if there have other packages they write that package name on the section written Other (specify).Once i have extracted the package desired by the user i then select particular Insurer on the Health Information Platform(HIP) that correspond to the package name selected by the user.The insurer name is on the drop down menu on the top left corner on the attachement i have provided below which is the UI of the desktoipapplication.

So for all other packages that is Basicare,iCare,Private, Private Plus,MedExec Plus,Prime they belong to the Cimas USD insurer.
But if the user have written another package on the Other(specify) for example TRIANGLEoption that package name will be mapped to the TRIANGLE insurer on Health Information Platform (HIP)



Please use read pdf text and then try to find checkbox and depending on the check box being ticked or not we cna decide which packages are checked…for this we need to use regex and for that please read pdf and then write the data to text file and see the difference in data when a item is checked and not checked dependign on that we can identify the check boxes

once those are identified its about using if conditions to check the packages…{"Basicare","iCare","Private", "Private Plus","MedExec Plus","Prime"}.Contains(varExtractedpackage) on the then side a click can be included

Please try as per above steps and feel free to ask here if facing any issue in any step, we are happy to help