GetText from a field/label whatever it is .. from a HTML Page ...HELLLP

Hello everyone,

I have the following problem. I want to getText from the read marked field in 1. Line and apply RegEx + If and afterwards getText from green marked field and If + RegEx.
I want to check the fields for certain keywords, lets say for instance “VERSANDKOSTENFREI” in the subject line.

In case the 1. line doesn’t contain the Keyword I want GetText 2. line,apply If+ RegEx…, and 3. line. and so on,…

Now, as all three lines don’t contain the keyword “VERSANDKOSTENFREI” I want to scroll (at least with the mouse click scroll (even if it is apparently just able to scroll 3 lines)).

Here starts my problem. after I scroll down the robot doesn’t apparently not start again to read the line that is now at the top, instead of that it seems to me that the robot is seeking the 1. line that disappeared out of the window.

how can I force the robot always to getText from that certain positions?
first position of the 1. line, than check 2. line and third line? And in case the robot finds the keyword, that email should be, lets say deleted?!

In the Window are around 200 mails listed but only 25 shown. hence the robot has to scroll. and read always the top line. just the top line.


Try to fine tune the selectors you use to get text from fields. Add ‘tableRow’ value in that selector and increment it in an order. then it will detect the field correctly.

Try ‘data scraping’. It will give you the whole table in a Datatable format. You can work with it.


Hello @Schlechter ,

Could you please use Table extraction and check whether you are able to extract all the data as a Datatable. If yes, you can extract it as a datatable and write to excel. Then you can loop each line and add your conditions.

If you are not able to extract as a table, then check the selector of the subject, whether you are able to find some attributes like idx or tablerow which is representing the rownumber of the subject.If yes, you can increase the value of that attribute as a dynamic selector and get the value.

Dear Mate,

Thanks a lot for your swift reply!
I will try to follow your suggestions and get back to you after failing with the next step :smile:


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Dear Rahul,

Thank you so much for your suggetions and your detailed description! I will try that and get back to you!



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Hi Rahul! :slight_smile:

I was not able to scan the complet table. I assume its because not all of the more than 200 lines are loaded.

But luckily I was able to modify a IDx in the fuzzy selector that indicates the line.

In the picture above you have to imagine that the first email on the top (the red marked one) is the most recent/ latest email with nr. 256. After reading this email I cound down the x in the ID and the robot reads the next line below.

But when it reaches the very last visible line at the bottom the robot got mentally stuck :robot: :roll_eyes:

Here in this ScreenShot its the line with “”…
The robot doesnt reache the next invisible line below by itself…

What would you do?
Any suggestions?
:disguised_face: :nerd_face:

Best regards


Hello @Schlechter ,

Here one of my suggestion is:

  1. declare a variable i and set default calue as 1

  2. use while loop. (i<300) 300 just considered as the possible max number of rows
    3)Use get text activity and idx=i
    4)assign acivity. i=i+1

  3. element exists/check app activity ( this is to check the existence of next element idx=i
    6)use if activity … if exists Then add a delay ,
    Else send hotkey down

  4. add step 5 inside else After send hotkey

  5. add another if activity inside else of first if
    9)repeat step6, but instead of send hotkey use a break activity.