GetOutlookMailMessages MailFolder: Specified folder does not exist

I have been browsing the forums all afternoon so far and have tried half a dozen solutions from previous users and nothing seems to work for me.
I am simply trying to read the top 5 emails from one of my Inbox sub-folders entitled “Lockouts”. I can read emails from my Inbox without issue, but whenever i try to change to one of the sub-folders inside my inbox, i get the above error. This happens whenever i try to read ANY of my Inbox’s sub-folders, not just “Lockouts”.
Here is an image of my Inbox structure:

And here’s a screenshot of my Process and settings:

I haven’t been able to find any answers to this question that work for me. Thank you in advance for any assistance.


I see from your screenshot that Lockouts is a subfolder to Inbox . So please change MailFolder to “Inbox\Lockouts” and that should work.

Thank you for your reply. I would like to start out by stating that I had DEFINITELY tried “Inbox\Lockouts” before and it didn’t work, however in a case of “now it works because someone else recommends it”, it now works. I’m wondering if maybe i was putting it in wrong…with a forward instead of backward slash or something like that…

Thanks again for the assist :+1:

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