GetOutlookMailMessages - Filter on Multiple Columns


Hi All,

I am trying to extract a list of Mail Messages into a collection variable, for a particular date with a particular subject line from my inbox.

I am able to filter on Subject line without any issues, but not able to figure out as to how do I specify the received date condition.

Kindly help me on specifying the 2nd filter criteria…!!



You can’t filter with two criteria. You may filter on one, like the Date, then use a For Each to further eliminate messages with undesirable Subject.

If someone figured out a way, please share!


On mobile now so hard to find anything, but search the forums for Outlook DASL. There are examples.


While looping thru each email message, we can use MailMessage.Headers.Get(“Date”) for capturing the received date information of the message object and then we can capture the required messages into a collection.

Thanks for your inputs


Glad you got it to work! That’s how I’ve done it with my projects in the past as well.