GetFieldAtPosition is throwing error while reading blank values

GetFieldAtPosition is throwing error while reading blank value, I mean value not exist in that position. This field may or may not contain value based on business condition, so I want read this value at a any given condition. Please suggest.
Error thrown as : Terminal error: FiledNotFound
Studio: 2019.10.2
Mainframe: QWS 3270 secure
OS: Windows 7 enterprise

can you try using “Get Field” activity to extract the data
you can try using “Element exist” activity and then extract data using the “GetFieldAtposition” Activity if the element exist.

GetField also giving same error. The field is always exist but the value may or may not.
I can’t post screen shot but it looks like below.
Reason: Lable1: Lable2:
Note: this line may or may not contain value, i have to read this.

I have to read the line value below reason, lable1, label2 fields line.

can you try using “Get Text” or “Get Full text” Activity and check again

GetField is working but it is returning next line where text is available but not returning blank line. I changed the logic accordingly. Thank You.

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