GetCredential workflow error

Hello everyone
i am doing the calculate client security hash assignment and i am taking help from a video to complete it, now i am facing a error in GetCredential invoke workflow
i am attaching the SS of error and please explain in details so i can complete the task

Thank you

HI @Rohit_rawat02

Check on this thread it has a similar error it may give you some ideas


The GetAppCredentials.xaml file was removed from REFramework a few years ago with UiPath 2019.

Simply replace the invocation of that file with the desired activity you want depending on if you are fetching the Credentials from Orchestrator Asset or Windows Credential Manager.

Hi @Rohit_rawat02

Have a look on the thread


As referenced in my links above, if you DID want the original file, I would get it directly from the source on Github.

But as mentioned and talked about in the referenced topics, it was removed for a reason and ideally developers are being explicitly in the type of credentials they are fetching and when they are fetching them so not to retain them in memory for longer than is needed.

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