GetAsset: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘BadRequest’

Hi there. I experienced this error when attempting to set asset in orchestrator. I used an old example code I wrote when I went through the academy training.

I also had an error with GetAsset :
> Source: Get Asset

      Message: An organization unit is required for this action. Error code: 1101
      Exception Type: UiPath.Core.Activities.OrchestratorHttpException

As it turns out, when I looked at the GetAsset properties, the UIPath.Core.Activities.GetRobotAsset did not have FolderPath under Misc in the properties.

I then attempted to open a new project and recreate the simple workflow. This time it worked.
I noticed that the version of the file I created was under Studio pro where the GetAsset/SetAsset activity had a FolderPath property while under non Pro version, it hadn’t.

the error appeared to be related to Studio vs. Studio Pro attribute of the project or mismatch on the profile set up with Studio. Or, it could be a version import issue which was not carried over when migrating the XAML file from v2018 to 2021, missing the FolderPath property.

Solution, recreate the activity on your current active version of UIPATH and problem should go away.

Error is extremely cryptic and I wasn’t able to locate any info on the forums. I simply bumped into this by accident and hence wanted to share.


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