GetAppCredentials.xaml not available in the Framework folder of my project

I am working on a advanced project problem and have used REF framework to create it. I noticed my Framework folder does not have the GetAppCredentials.xaml file (I am using the community edition stable version 19.10.4). I imported the file from a sample problem in Github and continued. However, when I tried to debug the InitAllApplications workflow, it errors out on the invoke workflow file GetAappCredentia

ls portion saying “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object” (see attachment). Can you please help?



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Did we check with Framework folder in that project
And also use writeline activity to check for the variable or argument value
That is if you have passed any value as parameter to the arguments then before passing use a writeline activity (before this invoke workflow file activity) and mention that variable so that we can find the value if there, in output panel
Inside that workflow we can try with same writeline activity

Cheers @Jayati_Hazra

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@Jayati_Hazra I have seen similar questions from various people. It seems to be missing in the latest version.

I would suggest you get it from previous projects or in UiPath github.

@Forum_Staff Is it an issue ?

Please see the following for more details on work-around. I have not seen an acknowledgement or reason for the difference between Studio’s REFramework and the source on Github (There are other differences from this missing file).

  1. Manually grab GetAppCredentials from Github
  2. Override your local REFramework with the Github Version so you can start fresh each time within Studio.
  3. Replace GetAppCredentials with your own. As GetAppCredentials is built in a way to fall back i.e. Get from Orchestrator, Get from Windows Credential Manager, Prompt User. In most cases I don’t believe you need all three options, so you could always simplify it to just be what you expect.
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Hi Guys.
REFramework was revised and some changes has been applied to it recently. For academy purposes please download the version from GitHub which is listed in trainings as well:

We are working with academy team to put a clear notification so there will be less confusion over this.


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Also is RetryCurrentTransaction.xaml a new addition to the framework ? The Github link you have provided in that this file is not present.

When I copied the GetAppCredentials.xaml from the github and placed in my current project framework folder i got error as below. So how to resolve these errors and what is the correct process to use this file ?

Hi @kkpatel,
Whole ReFramework works like connected vessels. Replacing one xaml in whole project can show some errors because there are no arguments and variable relations. You need to use whole REFramework and re-create your current one in new template.

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