GetAppCredentials has missing or invalid activity after updating UiPath.Credentials.Activities to v2.0.0

My GetAppCredentials workflow for the REFramework was working fine on Friday. Today, I updated my UiPath.Credentials.Activities package to v2.0.0, and now I’m getting three “Missing or invalid activity” messages.

The activities that are not showing up properly are “Get Credential,” “Request Credential,” and “Add Credential.”

Uninstalling v2.0.0 and reinstalling v1.1.6479.13204 solved my problem, but I’d like to be able to use the latest version with the GetAppCredentials.xaml. Does this workflow need to be updated in the UiPath/REFramework Git in order to work with the latest version of Credentials Activities?

This happens sometimes when upgrading packages.

You just have to redo those activities in your code after upgrading. So downgrade, note how each activity is configured, upgrade, then re-add those activities in your code.

And this post shouldn’t be in the Feedback section, it should be in the Help section.

Thanks @postwick . I started out asking for help, but when I figured out what to do, I thought it was more feedback, so sorry if this isn’t really where the post should be.

The thing is, isn’t everyone who uses the GetAppCredentials.xaml file from the Git going to have to make these changes to the file? I just downloaded the XAML file from the Git again, and it’s not immediately compatible with v2.0.0, so anyone who gets that source file will have to make these changes. You can see (below) that the new Get Credentials activity in v2.0.0 has the fields organized differently, so I don’t think the file on the Git will work with the new package unless everyone who downloads it changes the activities to the new ones.

I think someone at UiPath should update the file on the Git for everyone so that it’s usable as-is without having to make these changes every time.

Does that make sense, or am I thinking through part of this incorrectly? Appreciate the feedback seeing as I am new to this world.

Get Credentials v1.1.6479.13204
Get Credential old

Get Credentials v2.0.0
Get Credential new

I do agree that they should do a better job of backwards compatibility.

For a large, complex automation fixing all of it would be a nightmare.

In line with “if it ain’t broke” I do want to ask…why did you upgrade the package?

This is my first time upgrading a package and running into this issue. (Like I said, I’m relatively new to RPA.) Having encountered this issue, I totally agree; makes much more sense to downgrade it so my existing code continues to work.

I do hope the XAML file is updated in the future, though, so I don’t need to make changes to it or settle for using an older version of the package. (I assume there are valuable changes that were made to the package.) Otherwise, I will continue to use the older version.

Thanks for the thoughts!

We have about 80 Processes and have run over 150,000 Jobs.

I just updated our very first automation, which has been running for 2 years, out of absolute necessity (to take advantage of new terminal automation methodology for security and reliability purposes). Otherwise we don’t touch them. If they’re working, they’re working. Huge can of worms to just start upgrading them.

A really cool feature would be when it shows the activity as missing, there’s a button you can click that shows you the raw XML of that activity from the xaml file. This would make it easier to simply replace it with the new activity and re-code the Properties.


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Thanks @postwick for the proposal. Triaged it in our backlog and found it really usefull.

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A quick update on the ReFramework. It’s been updated since the release, which most likely fixes the issue mentioned above. See here for more context:


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