GetAncestor UpLevel doen't admit variables

I should change the UpLevels dynamically by a condition. I’m tying to use a Int32 variable, but a error message appears in this moment.

iteratorAncestor is not a valid value for Int32

iteratorAncetor is my variable.

Any alternative to avoid many GetAncestor activity?


Try using get attribute activity to get the perticular selector value into your variable.

Pavna H

I have a selector for this element. But I need recursion to get a parent attribute. And the parent level depend the type and position of the selected element.

By the moment I solved this issue with differents if, but isn’t an appropriated solution.

hello - Did anyone find solution for this issue i.e how we can pass dynamic value to Uplevels input field of Get ancestor.

Hello Guys - Please can you help on this topic.