Get XML Nodes questions?

Hi team,
Sorry for bothering you guys, I am trying to understand how the activity work. Would it possible if you can make a demo please?

Thanks very much

Please assist, thank you!


the activity will return the XML in a representation of XNodes:

will return:

Based on this and the usage of the different API methods/properties we can e.g. find the “b” elements

However for a start of XML Processing by API / LINQ we would recommend:

  • Use the deserialize XML Activity
  • use the LINQ XML Functionalities e.g. Root, Element, Elements, Descendants…

Have a further look here:

An introduction to LINQ find here:

Some more cases here

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Thanks Peter,
So in my workflow, I should use activity Get XML nodes to read file type xml.
And then I have to use Deserialize XML to see the outcome from the file type xml, right?

Can you send me a sample file?


we would recommend to start in this way.

Samples / Examples were provided the different Links.

Maybe you share your XML with us so we can help more individually.

Here is my file:
Test.xml (323 Bytes)

Tbh, this activity is really difficult to me, so please be patient and help me out

XML was invalid as last closing element was missed.

Have a look on this starter help:

it iterates over all food elements and logs the corresponding name

Find starter help here:
RetrieveXMLDemo.xaml (5.9 KB)

Test.xml (342 Bytes)

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Hi @ppr ,
Thanks very much, I can understand more clearly.
Last question, how exactly I can use Get XML Nodes in here?

we mentioned several times.

In case of you want to use Get XML Nodes you should be familiar with the API (link provided above). Also we gave some examples on how to porcess the result returned from Get XML Nodes (See screenshots from immediate panel)

But when browsing the different sample cases you will get several demos on how the different api elements are used.

Happy Learning

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Hi @ppr ,
Sorry for bothering you, I understood all the example that you provided.
Last question, I cannot imagine the situation when or where we use this activity
For example , we can use “Get XML Nodes” activity with another activity etc , it would be great if you could help me with that

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