Get Visible Text - Works in IE, Does not work in Chrome, for the same exact scenario

I am trying to read a paragraph from a URL - “What is Robotic Process Automation - RPA Software | UiPath” using ‘Get Visible Text’ and save the text in a string variable ‘GetText’. While this works perfectly fine in IE, I am having issues in Chrome where the string variable GetText is displaying a bunch of ’ \r\n\r\n’ and also does not capture the complete text in the paragraph. Is Chrome is not supported by UIPath?


Please note \r\n repeated in the String variable GetText ( below)

Google chrome is well supported by uipath. Instead of get visible text try using get text or get full text. You will get your result.

Thank you for the reply @Shashi123 and I shall try Get Text. However, I was more curious, as to why I am getting \r\n in Chrome and not in Internet Explorer.