Get Variable from one big Variable

I read my Notepad in Variable, now I need to get specific data from that big variable. How to do that?

My Variable is like this:
Datoteka: doc.png.pdf
OIB: 55555555555

   DR label:     Datum.isporuke

Invoice date: 10.12.2012
DRX: 88
DRY: 857
DRW: 538
DRH: 904

   DD label:
   Due date:     17.12.2010

And now I need to extract the part where is write “Datum.isporuke” just that. “DR label:” is will be always here, the data after “:” will change.

Please help

in MessageBox put this
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(your_string_var, “(?<=DR label:)(.*)”)(0).ToString

Ok, but I want to delete all text before numbers(its more text before and after) “Invoice Number: 5555-001010-666”, but Invoice Number is part how-to recognize where is correct number and then I just wanna have number in variable