Get Variable from one big Variable

I read my Notepad in Variable, now I need to get specific data from that big variable. How to do that?

My Variable is like this:
Datoteka: doc.png.pdf
OIB: 55555555555

   DR label:     Datum.isporuke

Invoice date: 10.12.2012
DRX: 88
DRY: 857
DRW: 538
DRH: 904

   DD label:
   Due date:     17.12.2010

And now I need to extract the part where is write “Datum.isporuke” just that. “DR label:” is will be always here, the data after “:” will change.

Please help

in MessageBox put this
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(your_string_var, “(?<=DR label:)(.*)”)(0).ToString

Ok, but I want to delete all text before numbers(its more text before and after) “Invoice Number: 5555-001010-666”, but Invoice Number is part how-to recognize where is correct number and then I just wanna have number in variable

I do that, but for me isn’t working. Can you help me?

This is how it looks my assign:

If the variable is of type string named str_input
Then to get that particular value
str_output = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(str_input.ToString, “(?<=DR label:)(.*)”).ToString.Trim
This will give us the value as

Cheers @JOHOHO

Hi, ty for the answer, but a have some mistake again.

may i know at which ASSIGN activity this error is coming
we can validate witha IF condition and place that assign activity inside the THEN part with condition like this
NOT String.IsNullOrEmpty(yourvariable.ToString)


Coming from voucher variable.