so i have an excel file with value of date time,
the problem is when i get the value with for each row
the robot get the data but inn general format which will make it into
instead i want to get this value which is in the date format

any idea ?

How is the value in excel…it is in which format?

its in date format , buts omehow robot get it in general format

Hello @Ahmad_Rais

I hope the first screenshot is the value which robot captures and the second screenshot is the value in excel. Correct if I’m wrong.

Did you check it in a message box? Just try to print it in message box.

I hope while writing to excel, the format of the cells are not date time. Thats why its not showing in the required format.

i just log it using , row(column).tostring to see the value , when i try to to row(column).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”) it says cannnoot convert string to integer

row(column).tostring whats the output?

Convert.ToDateTime(variableHere)…Try this

“Log Message: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.”,

Please share the excel file

have a look here

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