Get value by keys in Dictionary

Hi, i am doing the practice 4 solution Dictionary - Double in RPA Product Ready Essentials course, i want to get value of an object of Dictionary then plus it with a difference value, all of double data type. How i can do that?
Main.xaml (22.5 KB)

I’m sorry because my English is not good !


Sorry I didn’t get you.

Do you want to read values from Dictionary and subtract between two double values ?

Yeah, i want read the values from Dictionary by Keys then plus it with a difference value, and new value of Dictionary will be a sum of them.


Are you able to read values from Dictionary using Key or not ?

i can only read the value of Keys of Dictionary.


Ok. Try like this.

 newValue = Cdbl(yourDictionaryVariable("key").Tostring) + Cdbl(yourDictionaryVariable("key").Tostring)

thank you for help, and i have one more issue, i can’t parse the values of Keys to String or Array by “myDictionary.Keys.ToString” or “myDictionary.Keys.ToArray” method, what the way i can do that?

Hello Lakshman,
I have created Dict,how can i read values using keys,Please guide

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Got solution,Thanks

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