Get unread message number as in_TransactionNumber.ToString

Hi everybody,

I’m seeking to get the number of unread messages in a specific outlook folder as in_TransactionNumber.ToString with the Reframework template.
Have you any idea how to do it ?

I’m trying to do it through the selector

Thank you in advance.


cant you just use get text? and than split string…

I tried something like that


Note : It is (8,1).

And with the subtring or split string from Microsoft activities.

So, let me get this straight you are trying to put unread emails to TransactionID.

  1. Get mails, check only unread mails

Can you explain a but more what you are doing, I have done something similar. I have one link from mail body to transactioin items


Here is my code, it will be easier.

TestRPAPlanning - (301.6 KB)

2 parts :

  • The Dispactcher one, go through each new email to donwload attachement in specific folders. Then read each attachment to get some specific cells and send information to Orchestrator.
  • Then the performer.

The Dispatcher seems to be good, but it loop indefinitely without stopping. And i don’t know from were the mistake comes.