Get unread mails from Gmail, read the body and click on the link present in it without using IMAP or POP3

Hi Guys,

Can you please let me know how to only read the unread mails from the gmail account and click on a Link that is present in the mail body. I tried using Get Text, Click, Double click, On click element and on keypress element but no luck.
Our corporate doesn’t allow us to use either IMAP/POP3!

If you have only link in the mail body, you can read the entire mail body and then you can open it in browser, If you have the body with all the text, you can use get attribute activity to get only the hyperlink in that link

Thank you @HareeshMR.

Could you please elaborate like in what activities i need to use while reading the mail or clicking on the link, cause i cannot be using IMAP here.

We have Get SMTP mail messages activity to retrieve mails in Gmail @bT_de