Get trial license key for Unattended Robot in cloud platform


I am trying to get an enterprise trial to test unattended robots. I am not getting an email with the trial key like you used to, and I cannot find anywhere on the portal or orchestrator that has licence keys or where to provision them. Please help!

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Enterprise Trail is provided once per domain. Eg: If your email ID is, if you have requested for enterprise trail once, then everyone who has email cannot request again.


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@Sconnolly13 Hi Sophia, we had some issues with the Trial flow in Cloud, but we have fixed it. If you go on you cloud account and request it, you will receive the Trial automatically. Same if you go to UiPath and choose Enterprise Cloud, you will get the Trial subscription.

Hi, I am having problem with activating uipath enterprise trial version. It gives me this error:

locally unlicensed studio enterprise edition cannot acquire from orchestrator community edition please use studio community edition

where do i locate stand-alone trial key.?

Stand-alone trial key for Studio: Process Automation Software - Request your free download