Get transaction with StartsWith filter strategy handles underscore as wildcard

we have just encountered an issue with GetQueueItem activity. We are using transaction reference like YYDDMM_Name_xxxx and we want to process only transactions for particular date and name. To retrieve transactions we use filter strategy starts with and we use YYDDMM_Name_ as reference. We just found out that underscore () is not handled as real character but as a placeholder for any character. This is causing robots to pick up incorrect transactions in case one name is part of another. e.g. we want to get transaction for Jen but it returns transaction for Jennifer_.
This “feature” is not documented anywhere and is pretty dangerous. Are there any other non-standard wildcards which should we know about. I would expect standard wildcards (?#*) which would make sense but those dont work instead there is _ which is commonly used character for names.

Is this something that will be fixed in upcoming versions?

Thank you

This looks like a possible bug. Will investigate your scenario. Thanks for reporting.