Get transaction values after a process is completed

I have a doubt related to RE Framework.
I have a queue with reference called ANo which has values ‘Y’ and ‘N’.
I want to process all the ‘Y’ ones first in transaction. And then when the process state is completed, I want to get transactions with ‘N’ and repeat the same process again.
Not sure how to invoke these processes and where to do in the General Business Process.
Kindly Help Me Out.

Suppose we need to upload marksheet of students in class. First we want to do it for girls then boys.
In queue we have reference Gender which has “F” and “M” values.
In process state we upload marksheet of girls by filtering out (using reference “F”) in Transaction state. How do we go back and get “M” valued transaction items and upload marksheet of boys?


While uploading the Marksheet itself you can sort the datatable according to your condition like Y and N

So the queue created will be also the same

Hope this may help you


When you’re adding the items to the queue, add all the “Y” items as High priority, and all the “N” items as Low priority. Now Get Transaction will always get a “Y” first if there are any.