Get Transaction Item and process it


I’m trying to get all 10 transaction Item information image

And then to use these information in my process.xaml.

How do I proceed to achieve this?

Thank you !


First store entire text in a string variable and say ‘str’ and then try below expression.

RequestorName - str.substring("RequestorName: "+"RequestorName: ".length).split(Environment.NewLine.TocharArray)(0)

RequestDate -
str.substring("RequestDate: "+"RequestorDate: ".length).split(Environment.NewLine.TocharArray)(0)


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I’m trying to apply what you said, but i have this error :

Sorry, it is in French. Do not hesitate if you need translation.

{I replaced “str” by “TransactionItemContent” in String}

Thank you.


I guess you declared ‘RequestorName’ variable as double. If yes then change it string and then try.

Strangely, “RequestorName” is declared as a string and not as double. I don’t know why i have this error.


Try like this:

str.substring("RequestorName: "+"RequestorName: ".length).split(Environment.NewLine.TocharArray)(0).Tostring

It does not resolve the problem, it is still the same error…

I tried with variable and no argument, argument and no variable, etc. Nothing.

Thank you for the time you spent for a such little problem

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Ok, i found something with this the error disappear : str.substring("RequestorName: ".length).split(Environment.NewLine.TocharArray)(0).Tostring

However I don’t know why ^^’