Get Transaction from Orchestrator

Hi Guys, this is data in Orchestrator but when I run the project I get wrong in Contract ID

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

Hi @Dhiaa-ABM ,

Could you let us know some more detail of how you are adding the items to the Queue ?

Also, What is meant by wrong in Contract ID ?

A added from excel sheet but different project, all the items working good except contract ID


@Dhiaa-ABM ,

I believe you need to access it as Contract ID and not Contract Value as in the queue item it was added in that manner.

No problem with Contract ID, the issue only in Contract Value

@Dhiaa-ABM ,

Apologies. I noticed the Contract Value is also present. We could see from your screenshot of the Queue Item Details that there is a space at the end, so try adding a space at the end when accessing that value :

"Contract Value "

Good Spot man, thanks, solved

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