Get Transaction Data. No Data found in Queue

I created a queue in Orchestrator. Everithing seems to be ok, but in reframework - Get transaction Data, no transaction item is catched from orchestrator queue. I get a log message “No Transaction Data” and I can not find the source of this message to at least find a root of the error. Can you please help. Im new to reframework.

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this message expresses that there are no open (in status new) QueueItems within the workQueue.

and how do I open it? I think this should be done in orchestrator somehow.
Anyway, Thanks a lot.

a good start is taking some courese from

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Out of the Box, the ReFramework is designed to iterate through available workitems in an orchestrator queue. This means that previous to this there needs to be something else which actually loads workitems into that queue in order to have something to process.

You can test this out by creating a small automation which does something like iterate through an excel file adding queueitems to an orchestrator queue for each excel row.

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Yes. Actually that was missing. The queue needs to be loaded with the work item every time the General Business Process is running. So I did not had items with new status in queue. Beginners mistake:)

looks like the issue is cleared. May we ask you to close the topic as described here: