Get transaction data-if condition of next page exist-Level 3-Assignment 2


I am trying to understand the logic of assign statement highlighted below:

So if next page exist,we are assigning transaction item with transaction number.
Shouldnt it be like incrementing transaction item by 1(as in : transactionItem=transactionItem+1

or else,

Because we have to increase the index number?
Here they are already same (TransactionNumber and TransactionItem).
How are we moving to next page?

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We are moving to next page later in Process Workflow

and we are incrementing TransactionNumber in Invoke SetTransactionStatus workflow (This is in the “Finally” part of Process State Machine

Hope that clears it a bit

–actually we are trying to pass the transactionnumber as a out argument to another workflow
–here if next page is found available it is validated with a variable called NextPageExist which is a boolean variable,
–if true it will go to THEN part where we are trying to increment the page number as that is equivalent to in_TransactionNumber with a expression like in_TransactionNumber + 1 which is assigned to a OUT Argument named out_TransactionItem
–This OUT Argument will be used in the next workflow along the process to navigate to the next page

hope this would help you
Kindly correct me if i m wrong and let know for any queries or clarification
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Ok Fine
lets go one by one
–Here TransactionItem is different from Transaction
–TransactionItem is a string global variable defined inthe main workflow, which usually denotes the current page number of the worklist items portal page from where we are getting the transactions…
–So the Transactions here mention the data that we get from that page (i.e., from that TransactionItem)
–moreover we got the process split into two stages one is DISPATCHER and another one is PERFORMER.
–First lets go for DISPATCHER as this topic relates more to the dispatcher…
–now here the TransactionItem and Transactions are used in dispatcher where these transactions are uploaded to queue, i.e., the data from each page (from transactionitem) is uploaded to the queue…
–both TransactionItem and TransactionNumber is same, we are using TransactionItem term when are defining it as OUT argument (for ex Out_TransactionItem) while TransactionNumber is used when we define as a IN argument (for ex In_TransactionNumber)
–where in_TransactionNumber argument is the page number for the Dispatcher
is used inside the get transaction data xaml
–this in_TransactionNumber holds the page number as described earlier and is passed as varaible to element exists activity selector
–the output variable of this element exists activity is NextPageExists a boolean variable
–if the element exists gives us true value it will go to THEN part where this in_TransactioniNumber is assigned to its equivalent OUT ARGUMENT named out_TransactionItem (they both are of same string type as described in the previous point)
–this out_TransactionItem is passed to the Process state where next page number is clicked with a click activity as this click activity has the selector with the out_transactionitem as a value in it

Hope this would help you
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–this out_TransactionNumber will hold the page number

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Kindly let know for any queries on this
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