Get transaction data-Fatal log message

I have passed data table value to the io_transaction item as string.
I get transaction state- first string value is coming as expected. But for the next item it is throwing the fatal error


Could you show me once how you passed data. Will check and update you.

Thanks @lakshman for quick reply.

I am attaching the process. Please check and let me know the mistake.
The out transaction item is displaying in message box in get transaction state and it is going to fatal error instead of process (501.8 KB)


Sorry… I am not able to open this process.

Could you please help me with screenshot of Get Transaction Data workflow file.

okay sure.

Main.xaml (52.6 KB)

Main.xaml (52.6 KB)


If your TransactionData is of type DataTable then TransactionItem type should be DataRow but not String. Please check once.

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If i give it as data row

am getting error here

What needs to be done here @lakshman


Tell me one thing. Do you want only column data or want entire row data ?

If you want entire row then TransactionItem type should be DataRow.
If you want only one column data then TransactionItem type should be string.

i need data column only .

my file has only one column with 150 rows

No worries
If possible kindly share a screenshot of how it is passed or assigned to
Cheers @RachelN (501.8 KB)

Please let me know my mistake @Palaniyappan


Any update

I got it.

Actually i forgot to read the constants sheet which contains all the keyword for log message of get transaction item.

Now it s working fine
Thank you very much @lakshman and @Palaniyappan


Great @RachelN

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