Get Transaction Data, Confusing annotation

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I am confused, can someone please explain what is meant by this annotation in get transaction data:

“If the process is repeatable, set io_TransactionData once for in_TransactionNumber 1, then assign a new out_TransactionItem by using the in_TransactionNumber to index io_TransactionData. Be aware that, at the end of the io_TransactionData collection, it is your responsibility to set out_TransactionItem to Nothing, thus ending the process.”

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the first part describes like if we have more than one transaction item to be processed then we need to increment the transactionnumber with a counter, and we can find that in the REFramework template itself, in which we would be assigning the value we want to process to OUT argument named out_TransactionItem

while this one describes like though we have incremented, at last we need to assign the Out_TransactionItem as nothing which will imply to the process that there are no more data to be processed, for that in get transaction data, use a assign activity atlast of the sequence either using a if condition or in the catch block

Cheers @Jesper_Nordlund

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