Get Ticket Number from Json

Hi, I need to get the ticket numbers to a DataTable for the iteration process. I am new to this Json methods, What I tried so far is: HTTP Request → Output Result to → Deserialize json → output as Jobject → I tried to assign it to a variable, but Uipath throwed an error unable to search text “Ticket Number”.
HTTP result : {“result”:[{“Status”:“200 Success”,“Details”:{“1”:“TicketNumber : CAT001”,“2”:“TicketNumber : CAT002”}}]}
Could someone help me to identify how to make it happen using uipath.


I think JSON is not in correct format, Try to write the output to a text file

and share the text file

Hope this may help


Untitled.txt (105 Bytes)


Can you try the following sample? (2.8 KB)


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Thank you, it worked like charm. Have a nice day.

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