Get the wrong sheet name when reading and writing the data in the New excel workbook

Hi, I am reading and writing the data in the new workbook. where I am reading the data from the multiple excel files where the sheet names are dynamic, I am reading the dynamic sheet name and writing into the new workbook with the same sheename. I got the sheet name but it’s comes with extra content.
below is my sheet name from where I reading the data.
These are my sheets name from where where I reading the data image

And after consolidate what I am getting in the below screenshot.


If possible, can you share the code/xaml file to understand how your are trying to implement the requirement?

Hey @balkishan

I think some where in calculation a serial number is adding for each sheet name. If you observe the pattern in sheet names it is adding 1,2,3,4 at the end of each sheet name. So check your logic once again.

If you can share xaml file that would be easy to assess and find out the mistake.

Vijay Kumar C.

Hello @balkishan,

Using this below activity that you can get the total work sheet name form excel file. after you user the read range activity inside the loop .

to get knowledge about it from here.


Hi Thanks everyone for your response, Had resolved the issue.

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