Get the value on a webpage and value is a href

Main (14).xaml (16.4 KB)
See if this works for you :slight_smile:

Ok Niket. Thanks.

Main (14).xaml (20.2 KB)

In this I have used data scraping. This might help you as well :slight_smile:

Ya ok, sure. Thanks
And can I know in my xaml file, why I didnot get the output , I mean empty.

I guess, that was because you did not indicated the data properly! Also tell me if any of the workflow was helpful to you :slight_smile:

Yeah, will tell you. And in your xaml file have done two scrapings, can you explain once!?

The first screen scraping is what you did. The second and third is the one which I did!
I have just set that as the starting node which means that that the connected activity would only work, the other activities won’t have any impact on the others!
Also in my first method, I have simply used screen scraping and indicated the whole table…after that I clicked the option generate data table (I have used the native method)
In the last method(which is data scraping) I have simply used the data scraping method

Lengthy but accurate for any data. Try this

PickData.xaml (16.3 KB)

Ya Niketh, understood. Thanks again.

NIketh, in the below screenshot am selecting the table correct in the website, but it is showing the error as Get visible text ‘DIV’ : Capture error.


Indicate this portion only. Try using data scraping, that is the simplest method in this case! i have already given the workflow!

Ok Niket.

Niket, one doubt. In my requirement I need to get time as separate column as:

July 16, 2018, GBP, USD, 0.75992
July 16, 2018, USD, GBP, 1.31593

But am getting as:

if I use data scraping. Can you suggest Niket, for getting time also as column.


Hai Vikas,

As I am new to UIPATH, can you suggest me how to get the individual values from the matrix format present in the webpage.

This is the matrix format in the webpage:


And write into the excel sheet in the below format:

Date, Base_Currency, To_Currency, Conversation_Rate

July 16, 2018, GBP, USD, 0.75992
July 16, 2018, USD, GBP, 1.31593