Get the Subject of the Email


I want to get the subject of the email and assign this to a variable. How can I do this please?


Hi @redanime94 ,

Follow below steps :

  1. Get outlook messages
  2. Use For each loop through each item
    3 then use item.Subject to assign the subject

Happy Automation !!!

hELLO @redanime94 ,

Which Email account are you using? Based on that you can use Use Gmail or Use Outlook activities. Then link your account.

Get outlook mail message( if you are using outllo)
Use a For each loop. Then using item.Subject you can get the subject of each mails. You can change the attributes to get different methonds of mail message.


If you are trying to connect Gmail / SMTP activity then check below link for your reference


If you are using Outlook as @Krishna_547 that will be your steps

Hope this may help you


Hey @redanime94

Assuming mail is your object holding email…

mailSubject = Mail.Subject


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