Get the person who processed the queue item

Using an attended bot, I need to get the person who last processed the items in the queue. As well as the last time the item was processed.

Do you only need to get this from time to time or on a regular basis?

If you only want to check:

  • Orchestrator > Process Folder > Queues > 3 Dots > View Transactions > 3 Dots > View Details

Here you can check this information yourself. Maybe you need to give information to Queue from Attended Process accordingly, this can be achieved through adding specific content to Queue Item:
Here you can add your custom reference, to get the Username who submitted the queue item you can use
System.Environment.UserName in an Assign and then hand that into the Queue Item (Screenshot).

In a new Process you can also use Get Queue Item and extract this information.

Another way would be to use the Swagger API, but if you are not familiar with it, I highly suggest the first approach.

Swagger API Documentation:

Hi @iamNairda thanks for that. I guess that’s simple enough and can be added in the next iteration of the bot I am developing.

But I may have phrased my question wrongly… how do I grab the Host Identity info from the logs?


How do I get the “Who” info from the History tab?

It should show hostname there, which should be equal to using following variable in studio

Get the Machine / Host Name:

  • Assign str_MachineName = Environment.MachineName

Get the full DomainName:

  • Assign str_UserDomainName = Environment.UserDomainName

You can use those in an active process and use the variables to send an email to you, so you will always be updated via email when a user runs a process… just an idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.

I am keen to know too on how to get the “Who” info from the History tab from the above screenshot.

I am entirely in the dark, why you would want to extract that information like that.

However I guess the route you want to take then is the API way, like mentioned in a post before. If you use the swagger API you can retrieve the wanted information through this call:

You can get to the Swagger API Site by navigating like this:{organization_name}/{tenant_name}/orchestrator_/swagger/index.html
Please replace organization_name and tenant_name
You also see this information in the link at that respective part when you are logged into Orchestrator.

You can try it out within the Swagger API to see you get the desired results.
Hope this helps