Get the oldest outlook mail messages from the list

Hi guys,

I’ve seen this question posted around with not many answers, so if anyone knows, please help…

In my process, I need to get the oldest 3 emails from the inbox and move them to another folder. The inbox can have infinite emails, i just need the 3 oldest emails at one time.

The get outlook mail messages can only let me select the top emails, whereas in this case, I kind of need the bottom emails

any help would be great!

thank you

Hello there,
Please check this for getting Outlook Mail Message - Oldest First

Yes, i posted the same message on this. It does fix it if i take the top emails, but i want to take the BOTTOM emails.

So lets say there are 20 unread emails in my inbox, i want to move the oldest 3 only, so i don’t want to take the top emails from that list, which outlook mail messages seems to do. I originally changed the “top” number to 3 in the properties, but this then consequently only took the top 3 emails lol, opposite of what I want to do :smiley:

any help would be great,