Get the name of current running job/schedule from orchestrator


I want to run multiple schedules on a single job. Basis the name of the schedule i would invoke different workflows in my project.

Please provide a solution ASAP. I am new to this process.

Isha GUpta

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Please check the Orchestrator API Guide to get the information from the Orchestrator.

Please find the link to Orchestrator API Guide for all supporting requests -

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,

Thank you so much for the response. Could you please help me with an example.

I am unable to understand even though I use the mentioned urls to hit the Orchestrator API, how will it identify which Orchestrator to hit.
To explain this further is there a parameter where we should pass the link to the current Orchestrator url.

Please help me.!!
Isha Gupta

Furthermore, The current Orchestrator URL i am using, doesn’t have a Username and password for login. Instead I provide the tenancy name and click on Windows.

Hi Isha,
I will check today and let me see if I can able to get the information from Orchestrator.

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You should generate a bearer token using “” and pass the token for authentication in the subsequent call.

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how i get job list from orchestrator using ui path

You can use the ‘Get Jobs’ activity to retrieve a list of all jobs in orchestrator

thank you