Get the move file error

No it’s not there, I am creating it bro to give the value of 311 dynamic

It’s not there bro, Only folder Report Files is there No 311 folder.

That’s the reason
If the path is not there then how it would move the files to that folder buddy
Because the file path that we specify in the move file activity should be there else it won’t move
Cheers @balkishan

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so I have to create it one. I want to create it dynamic bro.

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So first create the folder with CREATE DIRECTORY activity and then move the file
Cheers @balkishan

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@balkishan First create a directory than pass the directory path.

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understand bro, my bad!!! Thanks.
Now will solve this issue

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cheers @balkishan

Thanks @indra @Palaniyappan @HareeshMR I got my mistake from your valuable response. :slight_smile:


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